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Discover Your Perfume Intensity

In the rich tapestry of the Arabic language, love unveils itself in twelve distinct intensities, each word that describes love weaves myriad, sometimes violent, sets of emotion; from the gentle whispers of "Hub" to the passionate fires of "Ishq".

From these beautiful concepts, we encapsulated their meaning in our perfumes. Every fragrance tells a different tale of love; some soft, some sweet and some firey and passionate.

Our current collection is composed of three intensities of love: Ishq, Hayam, and Gharam. Fall in Love once again, and re-imagine these maddening words of passion with every inhalation of Ahwak.

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Perfumes in the Waves on the Beach

The Inspiration for Our Perfumes

We believe that the pursuit of all that makes life that much more sensual, experiences more vivid, and relationships more raw, should be aspired to. Leading to the birth of Ahwak Perfumery.

We have taken these obsessions and emotions and re-imagined them into memorable fragrances. Similarly to love, our scents become more beautiful as they develop on the skin.